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buff mistress femdom picture

"A Punishment Enema"

"Often the best way to make a naughty male or female slave "appreciate" the error of their ways is by administering a good humiliating punishment enema. Bending them over, pulling down their trousers or panties and shoving the nozzle of my enema bag up that tight clenching asshole as they beg for their Mistresses' forgiveness is a thrill I often allow myself, hehe...

And by being staying in shape as a Buff Mistress I have the muscles to make them submit no matter how hard they plead or struggle to escape their warm soapy punishment!"

And That's Just ONE Of The Things I Like To DO!

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Buff Mistress Loves Giving Punishment Enemas
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Administering A Warm Soapy Up The Ass Humiliation!